Service Detail Agreement

The information below is regarding our mowing services and should be reviewed before signing up.


We mow front and back yard, edge, line trim, and blow drive ways and sidewalks.

Mowing Season

We go by a 42 week mowing season, starting in the middle of February and ending in the middle of December.

Mowing Day & Time

We work Mondays through Fridays. Our crews are in certain areas on certain days, so you will be assigned a specific day.

Bi-Weekly Mowing

Bi-Weekly Mowing schedules are available at $5 more per trip than Weekly Service, because they are harder to schedule. Please be advised that most yards will not look their best (in the growing season) with less than Weekly Service.

Payment/ Cancellations

We conveniently bill your Credit Card the next business day after each trip until the end of mowing season. We consider you a customer from season to season until our services are no longer needed or desired. Cancellations must have a 48 hour notice during business hours, no weekend cancellations.

Declined Credit Card Procedures

We understand that cards may be lost, damaged, stolen, or because of low funds on that particular day; therefore we will charge your card after the next business day. If your card still gets declined you will be contacted to update or provide a new card. We ask you in advance to keep your card up to date to prevent any service interruption.

Residential & Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Basic Lawn Maintenance is performed from the middle of February through the middle of December. Weekly or Biweekly maintenance includes mowing, edging, trimming and cleaning of turf areas. We provide additional visits upon request or as included in a Customized Service Agreements.

Ed's Lawn Service Mowing Chart

B: Bi-Weekly, W: Weekly, X: One Service

We follow the weather and growing patterns not the calendar. Cleaning out weeds in your flowerbeds and hedge trimming service are not part of the basic mowing service.

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